• Soft As Gold (Remix/Remaster/Bonus Tracks)

    I released my new self titled album a few days ago. Thanks to everyone who’s streamed/bought it so far. If you haven’t, go listen to it. I’ll wait…

    Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the album.

    On the same day that I released my new album, I also rereleased a remixed/remastered version of Soft As Gold that includes three unreleased songs from those sessions. It was previously only available on band camp but it’s now available everywhere else for the first time.

  • New Album Out Now?

    Yes, to answer your question, my new eponymous (I finally get to use that word) album is out now. New, in this case, is a relative term. Most of these songs were written 5+ years ago. I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage in October and my son will turn 2 in November so, to put it mildly, things have changed for me since these songs were written. I took a couple years off from recording this album to get acclimated to marriage and my new job. I also spent that time learning the basics of engineering, mixing and mastering. It feels good to get this album out into the world. It’s available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and Google Play. Tell your friends & enemies.




I love everything about music. I love playing it, listening to it, watching it, writing it and talking about it. But most of all, I love to record.

I’ve been recording music since I was 12. I started out on a 4 track cassette tape recorder. Then in middle school I upgraded to free recording software and a computer mic. But this website starts with “Soft Enough To Hit” which I recorded when I was 18 on bottom of the line recording equipment that I bought with every penny of my graduation money. I set up my little studio in the corner of my parents garage in Pittsburg, CA next to a loud refrigerator, water heater and a garage door. All of which you can hear in my first five albums if you listen close. I look at those five album as phase 1 of my work.

Phase 2 began with the album Soft as Gold which I recorded on slightly upgraded gear in attics, basements, closets and bedrooms in California, Georgia, Missouri and Alabama. I left the garage to find out what the rest of the world sounded like and it turns out songs come much slower outside the garage.

There are a few parallel stories I should mention, first being my band The Federalists (’05-’10). We released 3 albums and I’m sure we’ll have some unreleased stuff to come. Also, We Live is my ongoing gospel, church, Christian, worship etc…music project that I gave a different name so you know what you’re getting. If you enjoy my other music I’d love for you to give that a listen.

Along the way I got married, had a son named Freddie, landed in Alabama and started working at a church with my family. As I’ve settled in to this new stage of life I’ve rediscovered the comfort I find in creation. This is the place to hear it as it comes.

Thanks For Listening,

Luke Franks


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